Sometimes I like to sew stuff. Couldn’t find a  bedspread for this 60s-style bedroom so I decided to make it myself.

A note about the fabric–The material is Luna Compass, a cotton/wool blend which is why it hangs really nicely. The retail price is horrendous but I bought a bolt of 10 yards from Winter Beach Modern for about $90. I made the welting from cord and bias tape.

Actually, sewing something a bit like writing. There are lots of metaphors here. If you start with incredibly great material, you’re more likely to be successful. I don’t always love the process but it’s nice when it turns out well.

Aaaand, I taught myself a new WordPress trick–inserting a “gallery” of photos instead of one at a time. Ridiculously simple. You can click on each thumbnail for a bigger (much, much bigger) view.