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shhhh…don’t wake the bunny.

So a while back, I asked for advice to liven up this wall in my lounge room. Here is the wall before:

…and here it is with suggested art photoshopped in by my genius daughter. Inline image 1

And here is what my BFF and I did with the help of a bottle of wine, hammer, nails and tape measure. As you can see, I stuck close to her suggestions:

gallery wall

I bought the Moby and the Salt Water prints new. Everything else are things we had. My faves, of course, are the wedding photos and the 3 black-and-whites of our three kids at our wedding. Oh, and the Cats, of course. The Singing Cats is a print by Dr Seuss which became the endpapers in the Cat in the Hat Songbook. That’s a really important book from my past, because at the age of 6, I taught myself to read music just so I could play the songs from it.

what’s on my mind right now:

  • This is really the only rolled cookie recipe you need. It's simple to the point of being boring, but it's perfect... 10 hours ago

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