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Not everyone has a conventional family like Linda, Dan and Molly in The Goodbye Quilt. In fact, I’d venture to guess most people these days don’t have a typical two-parent family! But I do believe anyone will be able to relate to the heart of The Goodbye Quilt. It’s about a young person leaving home for the first time, heading out into the world on her own…and it’s about the family she will leave behind. Whether that family consists of a mom, a dad or some other combination of folks is not as important as the idea every person has roots somewhere.

In the book, the quilt is a metaphor for the patchwork of life. It contains bits and pieces and keepsakes of the past, as well as little hints and glimpses of the future.

[a quilt-in-progress]

The Goodbye Quilt is a very personal, emotional book. Any parent who has ever let go of a beloved child, or any young person who has ever said goodbye to her family of origin, will relate to the cross-country journey of Molly and Linda.

Happy 2012 to all. I wish you safe journeys, wherever life takes you.

…going by my house. BTW the answer to the last post is SEATTLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE BARS. I have a corporate account. 🙂

Just take a guess.

Life is good.

So much for the theory about plastic owls…

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