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When it comes to the people I work with in publishing, I am very, very blessed. They just did the nicest thing for me!

“In honor of The Ocean Between Us, and because this book is such a beautiful tribute to military families, the agency has made a donation in your name to Wounded Warrior.”

The worst wound of all is to be forgotten. You can help instantly by going to the Wounded Warrior site and clicking “Donate Now.” eric3.jpg(source)

I keep saying I need an intern. I should be careful what I wish for.

The book is out!

The Ocean Between Us by Susan Wiggs (MIRA)
Description: After years of following her Navy officer husband on assignment around the world with their three children, Grace Bennett realizes that shes left something behind herself.

Steve Bennett cant understand the unraveling of his wifes heart. He wants to set things right, but when a secret from his past is revealed just as hes sent out to sea, their already-strained relationship is pushed to the edge. Now, with plenty of space to ponder the true distance between them, Grace begins to reinvent herself.

Just as her new self is coming to terms with her family life, the unthinkable happens. A disaster aboard Steve’s ship shatters Grace’s world and all she can do is gather her children around and wait for news to come, good or bad. A Navy wife’s worst nightmare collides with the cold truth that life’s biggest chances can slip away while you’re looking for guarantees.

Way to go, Ocoee Middle School. YOU ROCK.

I’m a big fan of Catalog Choice. It lets you opt out of the catalogs that go straight to the recycle bin. Please check it out!

Chip In for Earth Day
April 2010

Hello from Catalog Choice!

Hi Susan Wiggs,

Earth Day is turning 40! Celebrate the anniversary by supporting Catalog Choice, your everyday tool for stopping waste. Your contribution will reduce waste at the source and keep trees in the forest where they belong.

Each time you use Catalog Choice to eliminate unwanted mail, we are behind the scenes making it work. We use technology and people power to process over 17 million opt-outs to 1,300 companies. We do our best to be cost-effective, but it is not free.

In celebration of Earth Day, please consider a tax-deductible gift to help fund our work. Can you chip in $10 today?

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I’m launching The Ocean Between Us with a tour around the blog-o-sphere. They’re giving away gift cards and books to people who leave comments, so check it out. Here are the places with hyperlinks and dates.

Stop 1 Seeryus Mama April 21

Stop 2 Bloggin Bout Books April 23

Stop 3 5MinutesForBooks April 25

Stop 4 The Pink Chandelier April 27

Stop 5 New Girl on Post April 29

Stop 6 Harlequin Blog May 3

Stop 7 Booking Mama May 5

Stop 8 The Ever Changing Life of a Military Wife May 7The Ocean Between Us

Would you please check out this feel-good video and its important message? It was created by a 7th-grader from Seattle. Good job, Lindsay!

Get the full scoop here.

My mom is a world-class knitter. She made a blanket for every kid in this class. They are called Grammy Blankets. Thanks Mom!


I’ve known this boy for yeeeeeeeeeears. And today was the world premiere of his short film, “Ringside Seat at Victory Point” which showed at a local film festival. TWO THUMBS UP.

Really. This is the view from Ray’s where they fix our cars.

Reminds me of a painting by Constable. Or is that just me?


…or maybe it’s Maxfield Parrish. What do you think?

…anyway, it’s a nice spot to get your car repaired.

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