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Just a reminder–it’s Banned Books Week:

“A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face. It is one of the few havens remaining where a man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy.” -Edward P. Morgan

It’s Day 2 in the Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway extravaganza! All you have to do is check in on this blog for a trivia question from Lakeshore Christmas, and send your answer to ll.wiggs @ (remove the spaces). Hint: Don’t post the answer in the comments section! Correct answers will be entered to win. Keep checking this blog for the next 11 days. There will be a new question and a new giveaway each day, including a Kindle and a Sony e-reader.

Today’s question: What quote is chiseled into the concrete at the entrance of the library?

Today’s prize: A $100 gift card to Borders.

Okay people, listen up. I know it’s grotesquely early for Christmas, but my book is out today and we are doing a mind-blowing giveaway! All you have to do is check in on this blog for a trivia question from Lakeshore Christmas, and send your answer to ll.wiggs @ (remove the spaces). Correct answers will be entered to win. Keep checking this blog for the next 12 days. There will be a new question and a new giveaway each day, including a Kindle and a Sony e-reader.

Today’s question: What was the name of the Christmas movie Eddie Haven was in as a child?

Today’s prize: A $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble.

Of all the upcoming reviews for Lakeshore Christmas, I was probably sweating this one out the most–Library Journal. Because the plot involves saving the library, I reeeealllly wanted them to like it.

Starred review! Sha-Zam!

thanks, Library Journal!

thanks, Library Journal!

As she’s both thrilled and terrified to be leading the annual town Christmas pageant, the last thing proper, by-the-book librarian Maureen Davenport needs is former child star/recovering alcoholic Eddie Haven appointed by the court as her codirector. But as the pageant comes together (with a little angelic help), so do other, more difficult aspects of their lives—in a most romantic way. The threat to close the library adds purpose to the plot, but it’s the characters and their interactions that make this story sing. VERDICT Wiggs hits all the right notes in this delightful, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant Christmas treat, which will please “Lakeshore Chronicles” fans as well as garner new ones. Wiggs (Just Breathe) lives in the Seattle area.

Wiggs, Susan. Lakeshore Christmas. Mira: Harlequin. Oct. 2009. c.384p. ISBN 978-0-7783-2689-2. $21.95. Contemporary

Christmas came early this year.

Christmas came early this year.

The folks over at Romance Reader at Heart posted this exceedingly generous review. I love this type of review because it’s full of the kind of thoughts a writer hopes a reader has while reading her novel. Filled with gratitude today!

Susan Wiggs has a holiday hit with LAKESHORE CHRISTMAS. It is the sixth installment in The Lakeshore Chronicles, and takes readers back to the sleepy, upstate New York town, Avalon. I haven’t read all of this series but the earlier books I missed are definitely on my must-read list. Ms. Wiggs
has created a realistic, charming setting for her stellar storytelling
skills. I am hooked, and I believe others will be, too.

This enchanting holiday story is about accepting the past and learning to
embrace the future-whatever it holds. Maureen is a librarian. She loves her
job and feels safe surrounded by the familiar stacks of books. Even though
she’s failed in the past at romance, she has come to terms with that…or
has she? When her job is threatened, she faces some tough choices and
agonizes over every single one of them. But while she’s slapped with bad
news career-wise, she’s just hitting her stride with the holiday pageant.
Eddie, a child film star, works with Maureen to bring off the best holiday
show ever. PBS is scheduled to do a documentary, and the last thing
Avalon-or Maureen or Eddie-need is a flop.

I love a character-driven tale, and this is one that certainly rises head
and shoulders above so many others. Maureen, Eddie, and everyone else in
Avalon, come right to life and off the pages. I felt Maureen’s indecision,
experienced Eddie’s failure, and understood how these characters got to
their respective points in life. Even the secondary characters are filled
with life and are people many will recognize. A sibling who expects more
than she gives, a trio of “at-risk” teenagers, a man who is so suspicious he
guards his power tools, and a host of others, make Avalon New York Anytown, USA. My favorite character is one who shall remain nameless, but I will say that I believe every holiday story should have an angel, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

I fell head over heels in love with the folks in LAKESHORE CHRISTMAS. I can’t think of many better ways to celebrate the holiday spirit than with a good book. I put Ms. Wiggs’ latest right at the top of my holiday favorites!

Kay James

AuthorName: Susan Wiggs
BookTitle1: Lakeshore Christmas
ISBN: 9780778326892
PubDate: 10/09
SubGenre: Holiday romance
Publisher: Mira
TopPick: Top Pick Addition

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I’m loving this review from RT. Thanks RT! Lakeshore Christmas final front2

by Susan Wiggs

RT Rating: ****½
Publisher: MIRA
Published: October 2009
Type: Contemporary Romance

Combining sentiment with sarcasm and sweetness with spice, Wiggs concocts a terrifically tasty holiday confection sure to be enjoyed by fans and new readers alike. A keeper.

Summary: Librarian Maureen Davenport has been involved with Avalon’s holiday pageant for most of her life. This year, she’s in charge — and she intends to make it memorable. But her co-director, ex-child star Eddie Haven, doesn’t share Maureen’s vision. His biggest claim to fame is a well-loved Christmas movie, which is ironic, since he hates the holiday and everything associated with it.

Once she gets to know Eddie, Maureen swears she’ll change that, but he’s a tough sell. Against the odds, the two wind up together … but it’s certain to end in disaster, because the one thing Maureen and Eddie have in common is terrible luck when it comes to matters of the heart. Unless a Christmas miracle happens, that is! (MIRA, Oct., 384 pp., $21.95) MILD

—Catherine Witmer

peninsula women's expo

Annual Peninsula Women’s Expo

September 26 & 27, 2009

Saturday 10 am-6 pm    Sunday 10 am-5 pm

Kitsap Sun Pavilion, Kitsap Fairgrounds, Bremerton

Grab a girlfriend & come join us for a fun weekend of fashion, food, health,

business, home, travel and all areas of interest to women.

The Peninsula Women’s Expo will also feature fashion shows by C.J. Banks,

Christopher & Banks, Macy’s, and Catherine’s; specialized health screenings &

services; author presentations; book signings with Susan Wiggs and Sheila Roberts; Master Gardening; food presentations and more!

Admission: $5 ages 12-adult; Sunday-Sr. Celebration Day: Ages 65 & older free.

Proceeds from ticket sales to benefit Susan G. Komen Foundation.

For more information go to:

Here’s what I love about  book shows.

a sack of not-yet-published books

a sack of not-yet-published books

And this:

making new friends: Paige Mitchell from A Good Read in Sumner, WA

making new friends: Paige Mitchell from A Good Read in Sumner, WA

…and this…

fanmail, hand delivered by Paige

fanmail, hand delivered by Paige

…and this…

signing copies of my new book

signing copies of my new book

…and this!

Amy Fosters debut novel

Amy Foster's debut novel

an amazing, inspiring memoir

an amazing, inspiring memoir

Amy is as talented as she is gorgeous. I inhaled this book, a magical story in the tradition of Alice Hoffman. It’s getting starred reviews all over the place. Amy’s a songwriter (“Everything” by Michael Buble, anyone?) and a poet, and she brings her artistry to this novel. When you finish reading it, you’ll want to go on a quest to find the town of Avening. A fairy tale filled with a sense of wonder. Not to be missed. In stores October 6th–put it on your must-read list.

I’m a tough sell on memoirs, but this one is just so remarkable. Kevin‘s voice and point of view as a writer are as incredible as his personal story.

It’s a guy’s book by a guy’s guy, but you’re going to love it anyway.

Another one to put on your must-read list. In stores October 13.

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