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I made a ridiculously healthy recipe from this blog. I like her cranky attitude. But of course I had to modify it because I am in revision hell and I am modifying every stupid word of this novel. See? Her attitude is infectious.

My additions–carrots cut into matchstick pieces, a shake of ginger and red pepper flakes, a handful of baby spinach. I figure if you get a chance to add spinach to something, you should. Same goes for shelled edamame.
I also put mine over rice because we went on a giant dog hike and I was ready to gnaw off my own leg.

It’s worth hunting down the special seasoning–a mixture of black sesame seeds, sea salt and seaweed. I found some at Central Market.

This is all wildly healthy–especially since you are smart enough to use wild line-caught salmon–and quick to make. Do it. You’ll thank me.

From Count Lennicula and Count Barkula

I am very spoiled. My talented daughter sent a few suggestions along. Cool, huh? Most of the art prints are from Society6, and some personal photos. If I ever actually get it together, I’ll post again.

Here is a plain jane wall in my lounge room. I want to add photos to it but I also want to keep the Singing Cats. It’s a really collectible piece, the artist’s sketch of the endpapers for the Cat in the Hat songbook. This is an important book in my life because at the age of six, I taught myself to read music in order to play the songs in this book. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time but now I’m really proud of that little kid for teaching herself to read music. In learning, motivation is everything.

I’m motivated. School me on wall decorating. Not sure it comes through in the photo but this is a midcentury modern house, built in 1961. Color or black and white? Various sizes or all the same? Scenes? People? Both? Frames? Mats? More hand drawn art? I’m all ears.

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