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I found my Grade 3 creative writing folder. I have no idea how I came
up with the name "Fuckingstoningpond" for the city but it’s a keeper,
for sure.

seen from the Sea Hawk

One of the most beautiful places I know. Check out the floating resort here: [nogallery]

The Goodbye Quilt is in stores now 🙂
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October News from Susan Wiggscover_the_goodbye_quilt_TP.gif

Dear Reader:

I love this time of year — the brilliant autumn colors, the cooler, crisper weather, heading outside to go apple picking, getting out your winter sweaters, all the fall baking, decorating for Halloween. I think though, what I love more than the aesthetic beauty of fall, is the sense of change that hangs in the air. You can feel it happening slowly at the end of summer and how the change picks up speed with the passing weeks. Nature transforms brilliantly before us. And although it’s an amazing process to watch happen, it means we have to let go of what came before.

It isn’t always easy to let go. And it’s especially hard when letting go means sending someone who is dear to you, out into the world. We all have to go through this, whether through sending our children off to school, watching friends move away, or colleagues taking new jobs. It’s a natural part of life, but one that never, ever is easy.

On October 25th, my novel THE GOODBYE QUILT was re-released in trade paperback. Whether you will be revisiting this story or reading it for the first time, I know that it will resonate with you and those times in your life when you’ve have to let a loved one go.

THE GOODBYE QUILT tells the story of Linda Davis, whose local fabric shop serves as a gathering place for women to do more than just quilt, but a place to share their creations that are crafted from love, memories, hopes, and yearnings for the future.

As a devoted mother, Linda is readying her only child, Molly, for college. While Linda is filled with excitement for Molly and for the next step in her daughter’s life, she is also torn feelings of heartache for herself. What will this new phase of life actually be like? What will her role be when she no longer has a child at home? How will she spend her days? How will her relationship with her husband change and evolve?

With summer nearing its end, Linda and Molly embark on a cross-country road trip to bring Molly to school and move her into her dorm. As mother and daughter drive across the length of the country, Linda stitched together scraps of fabric from Molly’s life—the trim of a christening gown, a swatch from a Halloween costume. As the quilt progresses, Linda realizes that she’s making more than just a keepsake for her daughter, she’s creating a memory that will bind them together for all time.

I hope that you will incorporate THE GOODBYE QUILT into your fall, through whatever beautiful changes are you experiencing or about to go through.

Happy Reading!



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