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Sometimes I like to sew stuff. Couldn’t find a ¬†bedspread for this 60s-style bedroom so I decided to make it myself.

A note about the fabric–The material is Luna Compass, a cotton/wool blend which is why it hangs really nicely. The retail price is horrendous but I bought a bolt of 10 yards from Winter Beach Modern for about $90. I made the welting from cord and bias tape.

Actually, sewing something a bit like writing. There are lots of metaphors here. If you start with incredibly great material, you’re more likely to be successful. I don’t always love the process but it’s nice when it turns out well.

Aaaand, I taught myself a new WordPress trick–inserting a “gallery” of photos instead of one at a time. Ridiculously simple. You can click on each thumbnail for a bigger (much, much bigger) view.

Oh fun! The daughter of the architect, and the granddaughter of the original owners of this house spotted the article in Pacific Northwest magazine and sent me a note. I was kind of hoping I’d hear from somebody who knew this place “back when.”

original floor plan ca. 1962

original floor plan ca. 1962

Great blue heron photo by Mike Siegel

So Mike came over to take some photos of the house¬†for a magazine article. He’s a talented photographer, and here’s one of his recent images. I love this shot because it shows how truly blue a blue heron is.

great blue heron on my beach

great blue heron on my beach

In contrast, here’s a shot of a heron on my beach. Nice lines, but you can’t see how blue it truly is.

This heron seems to be territorial because I see it here a lot. It’s the most patient of hunters, standing as still as a statue for the longest time before it strikes.

Sonny finds a way to escape Barkis.

Sonny finds a way to escape Barkis.

There’s a heron statue in my pool. Here’s a shot of Sonny, who swims over to the rock to escape Barkis, who refuses to get wet.

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