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Sometimes I like to sew stuff. Couldn’t find a  bedspread for this 60s-style bedroom so I decided to make it myself.

A note about the fabric–The material is Luna Compass, a cotton/wool blend which is why it hangs really nicely. The retail price is horrendous but I bought a bolt of 10 yards from Winter Beach Modern for about $90. I made the welting from cord and bias tape.

Actually, sewing something a bit like writing. There are lots of metaphors here. If you start with incredibly great material, you’re more likely to be successful. I don’t always love the process but it’s nice when it turns out well.

Aaaand, I taught myself a new WordPress trick–inserting a “gallery” of photos instead of one at a time. Ridiculously simple. You can click on each thumbnail for a bigger (much, much bigger) view.

Katherine won the last drawing! And I’m desperate to try the black cherry soda. Today’s question is at the bottom of this post.

Makeover time! I’ve written many a page in my trusty old puff rocker, but it needed a makeover.

faded old chair

faded old chair

So I dragged out my trusty rotary auction sewing machine and got to work.


It was kind of awkward to sew.

It was kind of awkward to sew.


...but at least I had a nice view.

...but at least I had a nice view.

And here is the result. Barkis gives it a paws-up!






The next drawing is for a copy of a terrific new book–Blood Bayou by the lovely and talented Karen Young. I bought a copy, and then Karen was nice enough to send me one, so I have an extra! And of course, a signed copy of Just Breathe. Today’s question–what gives you “happy hands?” Do you have a favorite craft? (even if you don’t practice it!) Post in Comments below, and you’re entered.

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