There are very few reasons to go to Orlando in June…but a writer would go to the ends of the earth to meet up with the nation’s librarians. The annual conference of the American Library Association gives us a chance to tell the most avid readers about upcoming books. Here are a few highlights of my visit:

1. Looking super official with badge swag and easel.

…but it’s always a good idea to read the fine print:

2. Where else do you need crowd control for meeting writers? In the #HarperCollins booth…

3. It’s not every day you get to tango with a #BerenstainBear.

4. #alaac16 had its serious moments. Check out this beautiful message wall. $5 was donated for every message that appeared on the wall. Really. Which is a big deal, when you consider how many writers were wandering around. I wrote SEVERAL messages in support of #Orlando.

5. My vote for most beautiful booth goes to #LibraryOfCongress.

I was on a panel with some of my favorite writers–Shelley Shephard Grey, Heather Graham, Meg Rusoff, Brenda Novak and Mary Kay Andrews.

Sometimes a conference hotel is better than it has to be. The Hilton had awesome pools and a spa.

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