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My friend Dan (who also happens to be my daughter’s father-in-law) sends the best e-mails. I don’t usually forward stuff but could not resist this one. I will almost forgive the yard deer who keep pruning my tomatoes and roses. Photo credit to Les Stocker for capturing the fragility and tenderness of this little critter. Update: Here is more about Rupert the Fawn:






The trouble with living in a glass house is that sometimes birds smash into the windows. Putting decals on the glass doesn’t seem to help. This little guy hit the window at high speed and lay on his side for a while. I shooed away some marauding crows and left him alone. After about 30 minutes, he flew away. A happy ending! Please see this post for tips on what to do if the stunned bird needs help.

This is a re-post of a bit from 2007. I’m sorry to say, the hunt is still going on: I can’t imagine anything good coming of clubbing baby seals over the head. It’s not nice to slaughter Mother Nature, eh?

baby seal from Perfect Image Graphics

[Photo Source: Perfect Vision Graphics 513.233.7993]

Please help stop the seal hunt. There’s a simple online form at this site, which you can use to e-sign a petition. The thing that mystifies me is…who wears this stuff? Has anyone, anywhere, actually seen someone (other than a Disney villain) wearing a coat made from the hides of baby seals? I don’t get it. But then again, unprovoked brutality always mystifies me.

I’m so sorry to have to share this, but I can’t help myself: 

[thanks to Suzanne for the tip]

Talk about your instant gratification. Go here:, click Browse, select the photo, then click “Drop It!” and the photo goes right up.

Here’s an example: 

And here’s one of a baby sea lion on my beach. I used Piccdrop to insert it here, with right-click, copy, paste:

 Hurry! Go to Piccdrop and upload a photo! Paste the URL in the Comments section below.


Well, for heaven’s sake if you’ve somehow managed to miss this, watch it IMMEDIATELY. RIGHT NOW. With sound turned on.

I swear, people. I have to do all the surfing for some of you! This one’s pretty much my favorite cat video ev-ar. And I don’t even like cats! Enjoy…

This woman rescued a lion cub in the jungle, malnourished and in bad shape…she nursed it back to health and raised it until it was too large to handle and care for any more so she gave it to a local zoo to care for…this is a video of what happened when she visited the lion at the zoo.

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