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I said farewell to winter in style…


last day of skiing at crystal mountain, rainier in the background

last day of skiing at crystal mountain, rainier in the background

…and welcomed spring with a smile!

my bulbs are up

my bulbs are up

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. Sfogliatelle from Remo Borrachini’s bakery, and a hot cup of Lavazza coffee.
  2. Ski equipment experts who give you good advice at the ski swap.
  3. A husband who tries to do my hair when my arm is trashed.
cast by Swedish ER, hair by Jay

cast by Swedish ER, hair by Jay

What are you grateful for today?

cell phone pic - Jupiter Chair in Park CityIt’s my little sister’s birthday today. She’s a maniac on the slopes, but I’d follow her anywhere.

Lori is the first to read all my books. She’s an expert reader, too, and a PR specialist, getting all her friends to race out and buy them. She spotted the error on page 175 of Snowfall at Willow Lake, something I hope can be corrected in future editions.

Home Before Dark is dedicated to her, a teacher and orientation and mobility specialist for the visually impaired. Other than my daughter, she’s the only person I’ve known every moment of her life. Good thing we get along, eh? Tell me your sister stories!

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