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Although I’m sure my editor was charmed by the scenic flight over Puget Sound, the swimming, hiking, biking, boating and eating…I’m pretty sure this was the highlight of her trip to the Northwest:

Its the Pyrex Museum!

It's the Pyrex Museum!

Im not kidding. Theres a Pyrex Museum

I'm not kidding. There's a Pyrex Museum

Pyrex Nirvana. We have found it.

Next time I have the noive to complain about my job, I hope you will remind me of days like this:

having a serious talk with my editor about the fate of Daisy Bellamy

having a serious talk with my editor about the fate of Daisy Bellamy

Coffee on the patio with my editor while her children (including the large one known as a “husband”) are swimming, beachcoming, hiking, biking, harrassing the dog, building fires, eating smores and practicing general mayhem. Later, they will be treated to a scenic flight from our beach to Snoqualmie Falls, Bill Gates’s house and interesting places in between.

We were having some big ideas, along with the French Roast and smoked salmon.

Some days there is more to writing than W-R-I-T-I-N-G.

I said I was going to shut up and write, and I am, but first I had to visit with editor Andrea Richesin about, well, everything. Our conversation is posted at a great blog called “Novel Journey.” Check it out here:

The sweetest of love stories came to a bittersweet end. Talented writer and old friend Jo Leigh’s story is here. And the end here. Author Alison Kent has organized a fundraiser chock full of incredible gifts you can bid on, proceeds to go to medical costs. Please take a look, make a bid, and help out a wonderful writer.

Jolie & Dotes Jolie & Dotes

Today’s guest blog comes from Theresa Rizzo, a good friend and wonderful writer. Meet us both, along with Karen Joy Fowler, John Shors and many others at the fantastic Readers in the Rockies conference, June 20-22. There’s a writers’ conference, too, all organized by the Crested Butte Friends of the Library.

Join us at Readers in the Rockies!

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