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Just another day in the life:

  • ___ wrote 1500 words on the book-in-progress
  • ___ interviewed a chef for my next book
  • ___ answered 40 e-mails, deleted around 100 unanswered
  • ___ made a fleece jacket for Barkis
  • ___ talked to Mom, daughter & sister on the phone
  • ___ unpacked from booksigning trip last weekend, repacked for booksigning and writers’ conference this weekend.
  • ___ got a royalty check for some backlist titles (thank you, Hachette)
  • ___ went to the bank, went shopping (see above)
  • ___ made a couple of bestseller lists with the new book
  • ___ Oh, and another thing, drove the boat up onto the trailer. Why yes, that is me at the helm. What else am I going to do in all my spare time?
Take my word for it...

Take my word for it...

...this is NOT as easy as Im making it look

...this is NOT as easy as I'm making it look

It is like threading a camel through the eye of a needle. Really. Except that making a mistake is a bit more expensive.

Really, I do. You might think that you do, but you don’t. I do. When the Publisher & CEO, the VP & the sales director came to Seattle for meetings with, they paid me a visit, too. I was going to meet them in the city for lunch, but we came up with a better option–a nice catered lunch on my patio, then boating to visit an author on the mainland, Debbie Macomber. So I got to be a VIP for a day. Here we are after boating from the island to the mainland:

SW, Loriana, Donna, Craig
SW, Loriana, Donna, Craig

When the people you work with feel like friends, it’s a total bonus. It was one of those days when work didn’t feel like work. Oh, wait. That would be every day. I (heart) my job!

So this is a first, not just for me but for the ENTIRE FREAKIN FERRY SYSTEM. I’m having a booksigning on the ferry Thursday, on the 4:40pm Seattle/Bainbridge run. 

Come to a booksigning aboard a Washington State Ferry!
Come to a booksigning aboard a Washington State Ferry!

I’m known for doing signings in unusual places. This one is to celebrate the publication of JUST BREATHE, and because there will be ads for the book on the ferry. Enter a drawing to win a gift basket filled with gourmet treats, a signed book and a certificate for an oxygen facial. There’s a nice article about the event in Shelf Awareness here.

All this scenery and a new book to read, too. You can’t beat that!

It was a perfect summer day, so we went out boating and found……..the Pyrex Museum. Can such things be?

Remember, you saw it here first.

Remember, you saw it here first.

And just WHERE is this wonder?







Um, just one floor above the PAPER BAG MUSEUM, natch.


The tall ships are all over Puget Sound. A lovely one passed by our house. There’s a slide show here.

…and messing around with the mobile phone camera. Jay took this while boating yesterday. It’s titled “The Popeye-Looking Thing”:

Spotted next to a building site, being cleared for yet more projects:

Developer gets thumbs down

It’s unbelievably beautiful here. I’m kinda with the spray-painters. According to George Carlin, the biggest advantage to living on the waterfront is that you only have a**holes on three sides of you instead of four. Here’s what I consider the biggest advantage:

ferry at sunset, photo by Jay

I sent this snap to a friend to convince him to bring his family for a visit this summer. Taken from my beach:

morning on Puget Sound

Not sure why I thought of this but I like the thought:

One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.
Sigmund Freud

Boating season is open. Cell phone pics courtesy of Jay.

Here’s the USS John C Stennis…from my bedroom. Interesting perspective. I was sure they’d come for me (note the contraband on the dog crate). I swear, I gave the mail bin back to the post office!


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