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Step one – open shitty first draft.
2 print out in word draft mode, light colored ink. 3 put on extra
strong glasses and lamp. rewrite every single page until it looks
like it’s bleeding. Be aware that you might need a lot of physical
space for laying out the pages. clothespins are key. 5. type in
handwritten edits. 6. go back to step 2 and do it all again. lather
rinse repeat.

Step one – open shitty first draft.

Step two –  print out in word draft mode, light colored ink.

Step three – put on extra strong glasses and bright lamp. Rewrite every single page until it looks like it’s bleeding. Be aware that you might need a lot of physical space for laying out the pages. Clothespins are key. So are Post-It notes.

ugly stuff

ugly stuff

Step five – type in handwritten edits.

smells fishy to Barkis

smells fishy to Barkis

Step six – go back to step 2 and do it all again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

everyone's a critic

everyone’s a critic

Barkis is not too subtle when he wants to go for a walk….

The secret? See below:

Barkis lying low

Barkis lying low

smells like summer

smells like summer

(click the photo for a bigger view)

(Reminder: You can instantly share your pics right here– Show us your part of the world…post a link in Comments.)

Would you please check out this training treat pouch? My friend Liz knitted it. Yes. KNITTED it. In a seed stitch pattern. She writes as well as she knits, too. I adore writers who knit. So does Barkis.

Sit. Stay. Good dog.

Sit. Stay. Good dog.

It looks much too cute to be filled with chopped up hot dogs, but hey. I didn’t make the rules.

(If you look carefully at the background, you’ll see a few of the ways we spoil Barkis. Double-mattress bed, check. Garden view accommodations, check. Reading material–including The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime–check. Plaid fleece blanket, check…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Barkis v. bubbles“, posted with vodpod



Barkis v. the Crab of Doom. See more photos here

Put up yer dukes! Take that! Aaaannnd...THAT!

Put up yer dukes! Take that! Aaaannnd...THAT!

Today’s drawing is for a copy of the book of the moment, and a beautiful tin of relaxing herbal tea. To enter, just post your favorite relaxing beverage in Comments. I’m curious to see what we all like to drink (besides the obvious). Congrats to the winner of Saving Juliet! Marjorie’s name was selected by I’m guessing she will love this funny, funny book.

shaped like a person, with roomy pockets

shaped like a person, with roomy pockets

I take a lot of dog walks. It’s good for a) my dog, b) my health, c) my creativity and d) my attitude. Barkis and I walk for miles and sometimes hours without running into a soul. My default outfit was something that made me look like a wino, but ever since my Fashion Epiphany last summer, I’ve been trying to upgrade my Look. And during my Big Emergency last fall, they had to cut off my favorite Patagonia hoodie, so a replacement was needed.

Jay gave me this one–the Carrie–by Ibex. He was really proud of himself: “I knew your size exactly! Medium!” This is as close to knowing my size as he ever gets.

Here’s what’s perfect about it–it’s made of this double-faced New Zealand wool stuff that feels incredible even against bare skin. It has an actual shape (not too apparent in the photo but it’s really flattering). It has pockets that zip, a full front zipper (for ventilation) and two giant inner pockets. On a wilderness dog walk, I need pockets for the cell phone, iPod, training treats, leash and water bottle.

I’m pretty much obsessed with this company. The clothing is made in the USA! Yay! And they have the coolest web site and blog.


Barkis is handsome and not afraid to show it. Soapbox: Dobermans have wonderful ears, and I wish breeders and owners would never, ever crop them.

Here is Barkis in watchdog mode. Can you spot his vibrissae? Reminder–the quickest way I know of to share an image is Piccdrop. Real quick! Drop me an image! Put the URL in comments.



Soapbox: I’m sorry to say that some owners or groomers pluck or even remove their dog’s vibrissae for cosmetic reasons. That’s just wrong. And mean. Please don’t do it. While you’re at it, leave his ears alone, too!

It’s nothing but fun! Wheee! See the whole slide show here.

Barkis is zooming

Barkis is zooming

Barkis is a posterboy on the dog-training website of Beaujes. You can see his testimonial here. Judith is a brilliant trainer who uses principles in a fantastic book on dog behavior called The Other End of the Leash.

BeauJes Dog Training & Boarding Testimonials

Susan and Barkis
With the help of Judith and friends,
Barkis went from this…

to this…

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