Mabel, Mabel, strong and able! Get in here and set the table!

Those of you who are old, like me, will remember that rhyme.

And here’s something new–a fresh edition of The Beekeeper’s Ball. Ta-da! A very nicely set table awaits. And–BONUS–there’s a sneak peek at my next book, the long-awaited Family Tree.

Dr. Mack Roark said, "Our past informs our present and our future reaches back into our present to define who we are." In terms of our heroine this is very much the case; she has dreams for her future but until she can forget and forgo what happened in her past she will never fulfill those dreams. Her journey to do this makes for a very nice “beach read”.

Shout-out to Maggie Boyd for this thoughtful review. Thank you for the buzz!