Each year at St Patrick’s Day, I am green challenged. I like the color. We live on one of the greenest corners of the earth. One of my favorite books of all time is Green Darkness by Anya Seton. I even like Kelly Green. And it’s no secret I love the Irish! But I can never find something in the right green, that actually looks good on me. Haaalp. On St Paddy’s Day, I’m meeting with Carol Fitzgerald of the peerless book site, www.bookreporter.com. With a name like “Fitzgerald,” she might well be expecting greenness. I need suggestions for something green to wear. Here are a few things I’m considering:


Fiber Optics Dress

or maybe… 1950s Green SILK DressHmmm…What about

Sweet Green Cardigan Sweater Coat with Nordic Print Flounce Front or… Yes! I found it! NEW KANYE STRONGER SHUTTER SHADES HIP HOP SUNGLASSES GREEN