Ever wonder why Harlequin titles are riddled with cowboys and billionaires and billionaire Greek cowboy daddies?

Evolutionary psychologists explain why in this article — it’s all about Darwinian mating instincts. “…they portray the embodiment of female desires, evolved over centuries.” That’s the verdict after a study of 15,000 Harlequin romance novels.

You mean it took 15,000 freakin’ novels to figure this out??? “…mating instincts, developed over thousands of years, mean that women want a wealthy, fit, fertile, committed man.”

Big DUH.

So…Here’s the challenge. Harlequinize your favorite novels! Maybe their sales will surge!
The Sheikh's Impatient Virgin (Harlequin Presents)

I’ll start:
The One-Legged Texas Ranger’s Kickass Woman (Lonesome Dove)
The Half-Assed Country Doctor’s Wayward Wife (Madame Bovary)
The Rich Gentleman and the Humble-yet-Wise Lass (Pride and Prejudice)

Your turn! Post your own title makeovers!