Remember me? From that cheesy 70s TV show?

Next step as I stumble through this storyline is the love interest. If you’ve read any of my books, you know he is bound to be a manly man with a manly name.

Manly men have monosyllabic names. It’s a Rule. Deal with it:

Sam. Will. Mike. Rourke. Rand. Greg. Tom. Steve. Ross. Rob.

Here are some manly names you will never see in a Wiggs book, because I’m related to them so I can’t write about them as fictional characters (shudder): Nick, Jay, Jon, Dave…all good names, but too close to home to use.

The initial and final sounds of a male monosyllabic name are like muscular biceps framing a massive chest. I’m not kidding here. Pay attention, you might learn something.

Okay, they can have ONE MORE syllable if you promise to give them really cool surnames:

Ryan Calhoun. Jesse Morgan. Dylan Kennedy. Justin McCord.

If they’re really special and have a following even though their book is not yet written, they might get to have a totally special name:

Julian Gastineaux, anybody? Logan O’Donnell?

FYI – here are some move names you will NEVER find attached to the hero of a Wiggs book: Winston. Percy (even though it worked fine for the Scarlet Pimpernel). Vivian, Uriah, Seymour, Poindexter. To name a few.

Oh, and another thing. The name has to sound good next to their girlfriend’s. The female love interest in this one is Tess (short for Theresa) Lindberg. So I wouldn’t want Jess or Jesse. That’s just too cute.

His surname has to work with the girl’s name too, since she has to live with it the rest of her happily-ever-after life. So, Farraday. Someone mentioned that earlier. I’m thinking Quinn. Quinn Farraday. But maybe not, because Quinn + Tess looks a little suspicious, like someone just made them up out of think air. Lemme think on this.

What are your thoughts? What are some of your fave fictional manly names?