Three things I’m grateful for:

Gee Wally!

Gee Wally!

The New York Times, because along with well-written hard news, it gives me tidbits like this–Wally from “Leave It To Beaver” is going to have a sculpture on exhibit at the Louvre. Who doesn’t like knowing stuff like that?

My friend Lois, because she generally scoops the NYT on stuff like that.

Advance Reading Copies of upcoming books. Known in publishing as ARCs, these are printed out for blurbs and early reviews, and I have been deluged with them! I love them! They make me feel as though I have the inside track on these books. The down side–I have to wait months before telling people to rush out and buy the book. Watch for some finger-licking-good upcoming books from Karna Bodman, Dan Kallas, Karen Young, Hank Phillippe Ryan, Alison Kent, Christine Wenger…I have had an embarrassment of riches lately…

What are you grateful for right now?