We interrupt this blog to remind you: GO SEE MAMMA MIA! This is my favorite kind of movie, the kind that drives snobby critics nuts because we love it so much that we completely ignore them. They’re going to complain about the thin plot line (Hello? It’s a musical comedy, guys, based on ABBA songs, ferpetesake) and some will even critique Pierce Brosnan’s singing. True, he can’t sing, but he does it with utter sincerity, like when your husband sings to you.

It’s just a totally good time. Yeah, go ahead and leave your husband at home messing with the air compressor or hitting golf balls into the Sound or whatever guys do when you leave them alone.

The perfect dates for this movie are your best friend and your 11-year-old niece. If there’s a better movie moment this summer than “Dancing Queen” in this movie, I will strap on my mother’s platform boots!