My kitchen was boring. This house is all about the view outside, but still. Off-white formica and linoleum squares were starting to get really depressing.

boring kitchen

Then the garbage disposal broke and I thought…I never liked that sink. And while I was at it, I hated the countertops, the cooktop, the backsplash and the floor. Time for a makeover! Time to go green!

My habit of watching “Living with Ed,” the Ed Begley show about going green, finally made sense. I ordered bamboo floors, Vetrazzo countertops (in Hollywood sage, just like the ones in Ed’s house; they’re made of recycled Coke bottles) and stainless steel tile. Oh, and something called a magnetic induction cooktop which looks like a flat sheet of black glass. Check it out! NOW we’re cooking!

new! improved! green!

 Here’s a wider shot of the space:

too pretty to cook in

…and a close-up of the cooktop:

magnetic induction cooktop

But still, I spend most of my time looking out the window….

the view from here