please buy this book - all proceeds go to charityMy publisher is reissuing More Than Words and I hope you’ll buy a copy. I won’t make a penny from the sale but I don’t care. This project is more important than book royalties, which all go to charity. My proceeds are for Cottage Dreams, founded by the incredible Seana O’Neill. I’m so glad I got to do this project, and I love the reissue. I adore my two co-authors, Sharon Sala and Emilie Richards. Maybe it’s hormones, but I got all choked up over this reader feedback, sent via my web site. The time stamp was 3:46 a.m. 

A contact form has been submitted via the web site.

comment:        I have had a very stressful year with my 19 yr old
daughter and brain cancer. Reading the More than Words selection
now as I lay beside her. Thank you.You and Fern
Michaels have gotten me thru this year. L** C*******

Note: Cottage Dreams is always in need of contributions. You can donate here. Also, the reader above posted a link to her daughter’s story (via Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital) and a benefit fund for her daughter. Please e-mail me via my web site if you would like to send a contribution there.